When you kill a girl; you kill many others!      Be the change you wish to see in the world!      People love to have a MOTHER, a SISTER and of course a WIFE, then why not a DAUGHTER?      From woman, man is born. Within her, he is conceived. From woman, woman is born. Without her, there would be no life at all.      Educate a boy and you educate an individual. Educate a girl and you educate a community.     
Our Vision

Since its inception in 2006 'BETI' has strived to bring justice to the fairer sex. In this new epoch of progress – the 21st century one would expect cruelty to women to have faded away into oblivion by now. However the increasing number of atrocities against the female gender right from grown women upto her very rudiment – the feotus only bears proof to the fact that our modern times are still plagued by age old fallacy and ridiculous myths. Yes, the world's cruelty to women has taken an ugly turn.

Our aim is to create awareness about issues such as female foeticide, acid attacks, rape and other such crude activities that are being carried out against girls and women probably even as you read this. One life at a time ,women empowerment is the mainstay while educating society and changing its views is its AIM..

With help from its numerous supporters through the years BETI has successfully been able to make sufficient progress till today and has reached a laudable stage of having helped a large number of victims. From aiding with financial assistance, to rehabilitation, to bearing hospital charges, we try to impart the best treatment to victims under our wing.

Moving forward, our progress would depend on our friends and supporters who share our views & whom have always stood by and supported our endevours.